68% Steel Grate Panel

68% Steel Grate Panel

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The perforated panels will used along with all bolt on stringer raised floors systems. The damper delivers and controls the flow of cool underfloor conditioned air into computer/equipment/Data center room environments that are typically producing high amounts of heat.

The UPFLOOR perforated panels are designed and manufactured for use with UPFLOOR’s complete range of access floor systems. They can be specified for use with either Steel Access Floor Systems or Woodcore/Calcaium Sulphate core Access Floor Systems.


Any requirement of technical details/test report/certificate/new products and etc, Please ask details through company sales by email:  susan@upinfloor.com

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(1)60cm or 24” square to fit for various of access floor panels.
(2)Q195 steel material, 22kg weight per panel and epoxy coating finish.
(3)68% opening rate.
(4)Air flow chart available.

By CISCA testing method, rating at 2500lb concentrate load and 2000lb 10 passes rolling load.

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