A brief introduction to PVC anti-static floor

PVC anti-static floor should be made of PVC resin as an element and made by unique extrusion molding process. PVC objects generate static electricity between pages and have long-term anti-static effect.

There is a balance of positive and negative charges in the human body, and when moving or causing friction, it will lead to an imbalance of positive and negative charges. When you touch the grounding block, it suddenly releases an electric charge, causing static electricity. In order to prevent this kind of annoying sudden electric situation, it is necessary to apply anti-static floor.

Antistatic floor is divided into static static type floor tile and conductive static type floor tile according to different functions.

In daily life, people often feel that they are suddenly electric for a while. This subtle static electricity may not easily cause harm to people's human body, but it will cause serious harm in many industries. For example, in the production of micro-electrical components, or the application of highly sensitive measuring instruments, the thermal conductivity of the floor tile seems to be crucial. Static static floor tile will guide the static charge of the human body into the ground according to the boots, so that the charge is static, and then prevent static electricity.


What are the characteristics of PVC anti-static floor?

1, the appearance is like stone, with a good decorative effect, and the decoration project is convenient.

2, thermal conductive organic matter is stable carbon black, thermal conductive Internet from the upper surface layer directly connected to the lower surface layer, this kind of structure makes the long-term antistatic properties;

3, the plate is semi-high toughness PVC plastic, with the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no ignition and resistance;

Post time: Apr-11-2022