Advantages of esd raised floors in the equipment room

For large, medium and small computer rooms, to prevent the adverse effects of static electricity on equipment in the room, it is necessary to install esd raised floors. Because it offers the following advantages:


1, simplify the installation, and provide greater flexibility for the change and expansion of equipment configuration in the future.

2. The equipment in the machine room can be freely connected under the anti-static floor, which is convenient for laying and maintenance and makes the machine room neat and beautiful.

3, it can protect all kinds of cables, wires, data lines and sockets, so that it is not damaged.

4. The room can use the space under the floor as the static pressure air library of the air conditioner to obtain satisfactory air distribution. No matter where the computer equipment is installed, air can be obtained through the tuyere of the antistatic raised floor.

5, is conducive to the maintenance of the bottom of the equipment.

6, eliminate the harm of cable exposure to human body.

7. The adjustable anti-static floor can be used to eliminate the unflatness of the real ground and ensure the overall levelness of the ground in the machine room.

8, can make static charge leakage to the ground, and reflect electromagnetic radiation.


Post time: Apr-11-2022