Daily precautions for esd raised floors

Anti-static floor can effectively prevent static damage to the human body, and bring convenience to our production and life. In order to protect our anti-static floor and prolong its service life, we need to pay attention to some details in daily use to prevent damage to the floor.
1, please do not use sharp, rough weight in the floor surface scratch, drag, keep the floor surface smooth.
2, when walking on the floor or working, cannot wear the shoes that have metal nail, cannot use more sharp thing, hard thing to scratch and knock on the floor surface, conditional can wear shoe cover.
3, often use dry wet mop mop, floor surface such as greasy dirt, usable dirt, washing powder swabbed.
4, when the floor is opened, special suction plate should be used to put it gently, and iron hard pry should not be used.
5. For long-term heavy load, auxiliary support should be added to the corresponding parts of the floor, otherwise it is easy to cause floor deformation.
6, wooden movable floor in the cleaning, by all means avoid water droplets, so as not to leak into the floor base material, damage the floor.
7, if the veneer material is PVC, it should be paid attention to, every certain time available floor wax wax processing, in order to maintain the luster of the floor.


Post time: Apr-25-2022