25% Perf Panel

25% Perf Panel

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The perforated panels will used along with all bolt on stringer raised floors systems. The damper delivers and controls the flow of cool underfloor conditioned air into computer/equipment/Data center room environments that are typically producing high amounts of heat.

The UPFLOOR perforated panels are designed and manufactured for use with UPFLOOR’s complete range of access floor systems. They can be specified for use with either Steel Access Floor Systems or Woodcore/Calcaium Sulphate core Access Floor Systems.


Any requirement of technical details/test report/certificate/new products and etc, Please ask details through company sales by email:  susan@upinfloor.com

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Product Details

(1)The cold steel sheet top and pressed bottom welded with epoxy powder coating surface.
(2)64 welding times at center domes and 36 times at panel edges.
(3)Corner lock hole available.
(4)8X8 hemisphere domes.

1600 air flow perforation hole of 9.0mm diameter to achieve 28.26% opening rate.

Why Choose upinFLOOR

1)The rigorous QC procedure---The facilities are ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 quality and environmental management
certified. The independently certified test reports following domestic and international norms are available upon request. upinFLOOR also
has its own laboratory to carry out various tests following domestic and international norms. Please contact UpinFLOOR sales for QC
documents and test reports.

2) Green products---The calcium sulphate panel made by UpinFLOOR are of 100% recycled calcium sulphate powder and paper pulp. The recycled content of calcium suphate panel finished goods are of 90% minimum. UpinFLOOR steel cement panel finished goods recycled content reaches 45% minimum. Please contact UpinFLOOR sales for more details.

3) Multiple panel locating and install method---Design and offer multiple easy panel locating and install solution to save install cost
and time.

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